Genes know better
about your healthy nutrition

DNA tests for your healthy diet

Why it is worth making a genetic test?

Your genetics will tell you what to eat and what to abstain from, and you will make it a habit.
Only a sample of saliva is required

No need to go to the lab. You can take a sample of saliva yourself and send it to us by Nova Poshta.

The analysis is carried out in the European laboratory

Experts of the laboratory will analyze your DNA on modern equipment using PCR method (polymerase chain reaction).

You get your personalized recommendations and a nutrition plan

The result of the analysis and a personally-selected diet will be available in your office on the site two or three weeks after the material is taken.

How to do DNA-test?

Sample result of My Care test

The result of the DNA test will be available in your dashboard on the site. You will be able to thoroughly understand the variants of your genes and the recommended products and get a personal nutrition plan. Take a look at sample results.


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Humane consultation
We will tell about DNA tests and help you choose the right genetic test for you. We will explain which gene variants we analyze and consult on the work of the Myhelix genetic testing service. Please reach us on Mon-Fri, 10:00 - 19:00
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Read reviews of scientific research, interesting facts from medicine and biotechnology.
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