We analyze weak and strong sides of the human on the molecular level.

A brief history of genetic testing in the world and Ukraine
We constantly stay on the top of global trends in the practical application of genetics.
Daria Loseva, geneticist/CEO

When Ruslana and I decided that "healthy longevity" should be a scientifically based practice, we had already had seven years of molecular biology and genetics studies behind us, and had self-tested various techniques of a healthy lifestyle: cleansing, fasting, vegetarianism, raw food. Our experience has shown that these practices are not safe and effective, if you are unaware of body’s inside structure. Healthy food, sports, active lifestyle are beneficial only with conscious approach, when you understand the body on the molecular level. One of the ways to look inside us are DNA tests, because we are all genetically different and all benefit from different things.

The most famous world companies 23andMe, Ancestry have been running DNA tests since 2007 to determine genetic predisposition to some diseases and ancesrty. In Ukraine the work towards non-medical DNA tests has been started by our colleagues Alexander Kolyada and Alexander Savsunenko. They were the first who tested telomeres (biological age) in Ukraine, did fitness and nutrition DNA tests. Later on, Alexander Kolyada organized the research laboratory that studies aging processes. Alexander Savsunenko founded a genetic testing service derived from Titanovo - DNA Lifestyle Coach, which became popular in the United States.

About 70% of diseases are caused by unhealthy eating habits. Myhelix focuses on health problems that are solved by a personal approach to food choices, since we can control them at least three times a day. Our nutritionist Katherine Tovstikova calls this approach "food-therapy" because the products carry not only nutritional value, but prevent many diseases.

We are working to ensure that genetics is a practical science and affordable for everyone. Together with other DNA testing services, we collect data and we are interested in building infrastructure of genetic information in Ukraine and in the world, as it is an invaluable investment in the healthy longevity of people.

Our approach

Myhelix was created by scientists and specialists in creative fields. We want to convey that DNA is the basis of life, that contains information about strengths and weaknesses of the body. We are looking for possible solutions to real health problems by using the correct nutrition. Analyzing the requests of our users, we are working on new tests that can get to the root of the problem. We need to encourage people to take responsibility for preventing diseases and improving their health. Genetics is developing very rapidly and within a few years, genetic tests will be required for diagnosis of diseases and will be the same habitual procedure as a blood testing.

Myhelix brings together those who look towards the future and understand the importance of genetic tests for health.
Ruslana Shadrina, geneticist/co-founder
Myhelix milestones
  • summer-fall 2016
    Team formation
  • fall-winter 2017
    Attracting angel investment
  • winter 2017
    Partnership with labaratories
  • spring 2017
    DNA test "My diet"
  • літо 2017
    DNA test "My care"
  • summer-fall 2017
    Development of the new test "Overweight"
Everyday we work
to ensure that genetic knowledge is accessible and open to the people. This is a great creative process, that involves genetics, nutritionists, designers and bioinformatics. We are working on recommendations that are best implemented in life. It is important for us that people not only learn about themselves, but also begin to live with new habits.
Daria Loseva
Geneticist, CEO
Ruslana Shadrina
Geneticist, co-founder
Oleksandra Alokhina
UX specialist, co-founder
Kateryna Tolstikova
Chrystyna Shevchenko
Personal health coach
Denis Kurbatov
Laboratories we trust

We cope with a Finnish laboratory Woble Helsinki based on quality reagents, six years of experience and a streamlined analytic process. PhD-scientists and specialists in molecular biology analyze DNA samples by PCR method in high power machines. Also in Ukraine we cooperate with certified laboratory of clinic "Nadiya."

* polymerase chain reaction
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